Logistics Solutions

General Goods

E van Wijk is handling a great diversity of goods from every industry: chemicals, construction materials, automotive, heavy equipment, FMCG, white goods, furniture, pharmaceuticals and others. Our wide network of transport services and destinations gives us the possibility to offer our customers the optimum solution to any request. From regular flows to special transport, E van Wijk is the best choice.

Our dedicated and well-trained employees, the large service portfolio and the fleet diversity are our main advantages. They provide at all time the requested flexibility, proactive communication, customized transport solution and cost efficiency.

Tailormade logistics

Our team makes a difference every day by finding the best solutions to your logistics needs. They are supported by an integrated ERP system implemented 2012. The smart use of data is one of our main strategic pillars. We aim to offer all our partners an easy and customer friendly experience in using our logistics services. Our transport network is completed by our cross-dock locations: HUB Cluj and  Bucharest. Both cross dock points increase the efficiency of our LTL network.

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