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Groupage Transport (LTL)

As promised, E van Wijk is your trusted partner also for your groupage (LTL) consignments. Our service portfolio is completed by our diverse groupage linehauls. Whatever you need to ship, either chemicals, construction materials, temperature controlled goods, packaging products, equipment or machines, our groupage service is the right choice.

Linehaul shipments between Romania and Benelux countries are managed mainly with double-manned trucks, offering a very short transit time. Our promise on this route is an optimum delivery time between 3 and 4 days.

Our transport network is completed by our cross-dock locations: HUB Cluj and Bucharest. Both cross dock points increase the efficiency and delivery terms of our groupage network.

Short delivery terms and cost efficiency

Linehaul consignments are managed with double-manned trucks in order to fulfill the promise of a short delivery term. Less than truck load consignments are possible on all E van Wijk destinations, such as: Hungary, Slovakia, Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Benelux, Italy, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Spain, France.

No matter the shipment size or goods type, we can ship from 1 up to 38 pallets. General goods, chemicals (ADR), temperature controlled or high value products we accept the challenge also in our groupage service.

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