Logistics Solutions

Industrial Goods & Machines

Raw materials or heavy equipment, you can count on E van Wijk. Together with our trusted partners, we offer reliable transport solutions under tilted or with oversized trailers. Heavy loads and oversized transport often require creative and sometimes even innovative solutions. Our team is well prepared to handle special transport requests, obtain all necessary permits and arrange extra cargo insurance (on request).

E van Wijk recognizes the challenges in this particularly area of transportation and is ready to offer you the optimum guidance and transport solution.

Heavy and oversized shipments

We always accept the challenge. We train our people to take the best care possible of every shipment. Our drivers attend regularly trainings in order to act in the optimum way in every situation. Difficult loading and unloading addresses, cargo securing and handling are some of the daily accepted challenges. This goes from high volume serial products to one-offs and deliveries to warehouses and construction sites where access and on time delivery are crucial.

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