Logistics Solutions

Temperature Controlled / Thermo ADR

Our thermo trucks are equipped for all products that need to be shipped under temperature controlled requirements. We offer a large temperature range between – 32 °C and + 35 °C and  ATP (FRC)  and Pharma certificates are available for all trailers providing a temperature guarantee and a confirmation of high quality equipment used by E van Wijk.

Temperature controlled and ADR shipments represent one of our niche market segments. All our drivers are well trained and certified for shipping ADR. All E van Wijk trucks are properly equipped for ADR transport and our temperature controlled fleet makes no exception.

Fresh and frozen? You don’t need to choose

Our dual temp trailers provide the most efficient combination for your goods. For food products a DSV authorization is available for all our thermo trailers completing our temperature controlled service portfolio. The integrity of your products is ensured by a stringent hygiene of our trailers and short delivery terms.

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