We look to the future with confidence

At E van Wijk, we focus on people and their safety. Being a sizeable transport company, we constantly invest in our fleet and in the digitalization of the activity. In this way, we want to make the use of trucks more efficient, from emissions perspective, and to minimize the paperwork in the next years. We are concerned about our footprint on the environment and we try to find the best solutions to reduce our CO2 emissions. A cleaner environment is essential for the health and well-being of communities.

Quality and sustainability

At E van Wijk we are beware about our footprint on the environment and we continuously invest in our fleet. In the center of all our actions are the people. We stand for long-term partnerships not only with our customers and employees, but also with the environment.

We are specialized in the transportation of Pharma & Healthcare products, working after several GDP-standards and offering high quality services to our customers.

We have certificates attesting the high quality of the services we offer to our partners. We work after several ISO-standards and we offer high quality services to our partners. We are specialized and certified in transport and storage ADR goods. Our employees are properly trained on the transportation, handling and storage of these special goods in a safe way, because safety is above all.

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