Digital innovation

Digital Innovation to the next level

Digitalization is a key point in our sustainability actions. We continuously invest in a smart use of data. Our main focus is to improve the utilization of trucks, reduce the CO2 emissions, and minimize the use of paperwork.

The integration of our TMS (Transport Management System) and FMS (Fleet Management System) enables for bidirectional communication between drivers and the dispatch team in order to access in real time the needed information for an efficient transport.

Digitalization for a cleaner environment

The FMS system help us to monitor and evaluate drivers’ driving style and make recommendations to each driver in order to improve his driving skills and to contribute to a cleaner environment by reducing emissions.

Our WMS (Warehouse Management System) contributes to the automation and optimization of the activities of reception, storage, picking and shipment of goods. We have also developed a web portal where customers can follow in real time the situation of their stock of goods and they can even enter their orders for receipt or delivery.

For our thermo trucks, we have implemented a system that includes temperature sensors, so that dispatchers receive real-time alarms for any deviation from the temperature required for each transport. In this way, we make sure that the transported goods arrive in optimal conditions at the destination.

There are changes ahead

For the future, our goal is to become more eco-friendly and reduce the environmental impact of our transport and logistics activities. In this direction, we want to implement a new version of the FMS that will allow us to further optimize the routes of trucks, to send to drivers the planned routes in order to reduce the number of stray kilometers and fuel consumption.

We have set ourselves the goal that by 2025, we will archive documents in electronic format in a proportion of 80%. Thus, in the next period of time we want to implement an electronic document management system.

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