Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

We care about the community as much as we care about our employees. At the heart of all our activities are the people. We strongly believe in equal opportunities for everyone, no matter what their social background is. We try to guide them on new paths and create opportunities where they do not exist. We want to lend a helping hand to those who need it and to contribute to a better and healthier community.

Being a people-oriented business, we grew up with stewardship, respect, dedication and excellence as core values. People have always been at the center of our attention, not only our employees and customers, but the whole community. As part of a group built on a family business, we know how to take care of people, because strongly believe that the human being is at the heart of all actions. We do everything with and for people.

Sometimes all it takes is an impulse for someone to catch wings

Often, is all about the right person in the right place and we always try to be there. An act of kindness will also generate other acts of kindness.

Through some non-profit associations, we are actively involved in the Community we live in. The purpose of these associations is to remedy and preserve the health of children and young people from disadvantaged social backgrounds, by providing financial support and facilitating access to healthcare. Our aim is to improve their quality of life and to reintegrate them as productive members of society.

A glimmer of hope for society

Since 2008 we have managed to support over 1500 people with disadvantaged social backgrounds by providing access to medical services both in clinics in the country and abroad. We are glad that, through our actions, we have contributed to a healthier society. We have been involved and continue to be involved in projects carried out on different social topics, so as to include several social categories, from different geographical areas.

We are happy that we are able to get involved in our Community every day. Our reward is not in advertising these efforts, but we have always found it in the reactions of the people for whom we have managed to lend a helping hand.

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