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Terms and conditions of use

This agreement describes the terms and conditions regulating the services available and the use of this website.

In order to be a user, you must read and unconditionally agree with all the terms and conditions contained in this agreement.

Intellectual property rights

The software evanwijk.ro is the property of Logistic E van Wijk SRL and is specializing in logistics services, freight transport and storage. Some pages of the website are intended either to present the services offered by Logistic E van Wijk or to present information on vacancies for the purpose of recruitment.

The original ideas, the appearance and the organization of this website are recognized and protected at international level through the © marking and cannot be used by other persons or institutions to provide similar services.

You can use the content of the evanwijk.ro website only for your information, to request an offer or to apply for one or more available vacancies. Except as stated above, the content of the evanwijk.ro website may not be reproduced, modified or exploited, regardless of the commercial or non-commercial purpose of this operation.

Actions such as those described below are not permitted without the prior written permission of Logistic E van Wijk:

  1. reproduction or storage of content
  2. modification, publication, transmission, as well as participation in the transfer, sale, distribution of materials made by reproducing, modifying or displaying the content, without the prior written permission of Logistic E van Wijk
  3. the removal of Logistic E van Wijk’s copyrighted content.

Any use of the contents of the evanwijk.ro website for purposes other than those expressly permitted by this document is prohibited. Requests to use the content for purposes other than those expressly permitted by this document may be sent to the e-mail address: marketing@evanwijk.ro .

General conditions of use

The services offered by evanwijk.ro are addressed to (i) Users, private or public companies (ii) Users, individuals who visit the evanwijk.ro website, (iii) Users, individuals, who are looking for a job (“ Candidate users ”). Through the platform, can be submitted offer requests / applications to vacancies, following which an employee of Logistic E van Wijk will take over the request for offer / application and contact by email or telephone the public or private company user / candidate if he/ she meets the conditions for employment for which he/ she has applied.

Requests for price offers

Price offers can be requested by phone, using the phone numbers displayed on the website, or using the offer request form. The requester has the obligation to provide correct and concrete data regarding the request. If the data provided are incomplete, the requester cannot receive the price offer or Logistic E van Wijk can request additional details using the data offered, either by phone, or by e-mail.

Apply for a vacancy

The user can apply by phone to the numbers displayed on the website or using the application form of the website. The applicant has the obligation to provide correct and concrete data regarding his identity, activity and experience. If the data entered in the application form is incomplete, the candidate user may not be contacted if the telephone number provided is incorrect, or Logistic E van Wijk may request additional information using the valid telephone number provided by the user.

Data confidentiality

The personal data that you use to benefit from the services of this software, and those on your activity are confidential, protected by security systems, and will only be used to ensure its functionality, according to the rules of use set forth on the website. For details on the use of personal data, please access the document called Privacy Policy. These provisions are complemented by the legal provisions in force.

Changes and suspension of access

Logistic E van Wijk reserves the right to suspend or cease your access to the content of the website without notifying you of the reason of such action.

Final clauses

This agreement is subject to the Romanian law and can be modified without your consent. The changes will be notified on the first page of the website and will apply from the data they are made aware to the public.

In any situation where you have objections or reserves to any of the provisions in this agreement and to the changes to be implemented, you have the obligation to immediately cease using our services.

For information or for any clarifications you can write to us at the email address dpo@evanwijk.ro .

The user expressly declares that they meet all the legal conditions required to use the services we offer, that they took full note of the provisions in this agreement, and that they fully understood the way the services offered through our website function.

Logistic E van Wijk SRL

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